Refund Policy

Please get in touch with our help desk if you want to request a refund. We’re very reasonable, so it’s fine.

If we receive your return request within two hours of the time you made your purchase and you have read less than 10% of the ebook, we will refund your money. Depending on your preference, we will either give you a store credit or complete a refund to your card or PayPal account.

You may return an ebook at any time as long as it adheres to these guidelines:

Return of eBook for No Reason

If less than 10% of the book has been read, you can do this within two hours of buying it. We’ll give you a refund or store credit.

Return of ebook for a valid reason

Up to 365 days

If a refund or store credit is an option, we’ll do it. (PayPal or your card company might refuse to process a refund if too much time has passed. Refund processing times can range from weeks to months depending on the provider. In these circumstances, we will give you store credit.)

After a year

We are unlikely to act in this manner. The decision to process a refund after such a long period of time is entirely up to us; it will depend on the merits of the particular situation. If this happens, we will only issue a gift certificate that can be used to make purchases at if we decide to issue a refund.

What is a “valid reason” for returning an ebook?

We handle refund requests with common sense. It is entirely up to our discretion to decide what qualifies as a “valid reason” in any given situation. This determination will be made in light of the specifics. There won’t be any correspondence regarding this decision.

“I didn’t enjoy the book” is not an acceptable excuse.

Technical problems

If the product does not live up to expectations, “The ebook didn’t meet my technical expectations” may be a good justification for a refund. We will process a full refund without hesitation if an ebook you purchase from us does not exactly match its description.

Every product page on our website includes a detailed description of the ebook you are purchasing.

Included in the description are the following:

The file type(s) for the ebook

restrictions, if any, on printing, sharing, copying, etc.

requisites for adding extra software or apps, if required

operating systems and reading devices that are supported

amount of pages

Our entire representation of a product’s features and functionalities can be found in the description that appears on its product page on

Time changes technology. You are not entitled to a refund if you discover that an ebook you previously purchased does not meet your needs today due to technological advancements beyond our control (for instance, because you purchased a new device that does not support our file formats or because the manufacturer’s firmware upgrade makes the ebook incompatible with that specific device).

Keep in mind that any device with a web browser can be used to read any ebook that is available for purchase on

Non-Technical Problems

There are numerous real-world problems that can result in a refund. Simply reach out to our support staff, and they will be happy to assist. For instance, if you purchased an ebook for a course but later switched to a different one, or if the instructor changed the suggested text, let us know and we’ll make the necessary corrections – provided you haven’t read more than 10% of the book.

Vouchers and Gift Certificates

Vouchers are sold as firm sales that cannot be returned. You are not entitled to a refund for unredeemed vouchers if you purchase a batch of them. This is so that we can pay the publisher(s) of the ebooks for the entire batch on a firm sale, non-returnable basis after selling you a voucher or batch of vouchers for a particular title.

If the gift certificate hasn’t been used, you can return it under the same conditions as any ebook (as stated above).


Really, the only purpose of these regulations is to stop abuse, which does occur occasionally. We are reasonable beings who enjoy assisting other reasonable beings.

To stop fraud, we keep an eye on refund requests and returns. If, in our sole discretion, we have reasonable grounds to believe a user is abusing the system, we may withhold the ability for that user to make further purchases from

We’ll remove the ebook from your online bookshelf after we process a refund for it and block your access to it.


You can always re-download an ebook from your account if one becomes corrupted or needs to be replaced during regular use.

Other Information